• Good Shepherd

Third Sunday of Easter

Rite I Morning Prayer

Order of Service, Sunday, April 26

Hymn # 199: Come Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain Opening Acclamation, BCP page 39 Confession, BCP page 41 Invitatory and Psalter, BCP page 42 Christ our Passover, BCP page 46 Psalm 116, BCP page 759 The Lessons Acts 2:14a,36-41 Canticle 9: The First Song of Isaiah, BCP page 86 1 Peter 1:17-23 Canticle 7: We Praise Thee, BCP page 52 Luke 24:13-35 Rev. Susan's Homily The Creed and Prayers Apostles' Creed, BCP page 53 The Prayers, BCP page 54 Suffrage A, BCP page 55 The Collects Hymn # 204: Now the Green Blade Riseth Intercessions and Thanksgivings The General Thanksgiving, BCP page 71 A Prayer of St. Chrysostom, BCP page 72

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