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Second Sunday of Easter

Rite II Morning Prayer

Order of Service, Sunday, April 19

printable version in PDF format

Hymn # 179: Welcome Happy Morning

Opening, BCP page 77

Confession, BCP page 79

Invitatory and Psalter, BCP page 80

Christ our Passover, BCP page 83

Psalm 16, BCP page 599

The Lessons

The First Song of Isaiah, BCP page 86

A song to the Lamb, BCP page 93

Rev. Susan's Homily

The Creed and Prayers

Apostles' Creed, BCP page 96

The Lord's Prayer, BCP page 97 (Zoom unmuted)

Suffrage A, BCP page 97

The Collects

Hymn # 180: He is Risen

Intercessions and Thanksgivings (Zoom unmuted all so all can add their prayers)

The General Thanksgiving, BCP page 125

A Prayer of St. Chrysostom, BCP page 126

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