Sunday at Good Shepherd

May 16, 2021

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Outdoor Service at 8:30 a.m.

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Morning Prayer Rite II via Zoom

10:30 a.m.

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by phone: 669-900-6833 (San Jose, CA)
Meeting ID: 843 6598 0219

Password: Good (4663)

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Join Us for In-Person
Morning Prayer

Brian Petersen, our seminarian, invites you to join us for outdoor morning prayer on Sundays in May. He hopes you will take advantage of this opportunity to meet in person and tells us that Bishop Susan is now allowing the congregation to participate in the liturgical responses, providing a more familiar worship experience.

The service is at 8:30 a.m. Call our junior warden Richard Taylor to make a reservation. You may call Tuesday through Friday after 10:00 a.m.

Read the complete details about outdoor worship. 

Plans for June include the possibility of the service of the Word in the parish hall with Communion in the nave. Stay tuned!


Last Sunday's Sermon

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

May 16, 2021

Easter 7
00:00 / 13:31

Watch the sermon on YouTube.

Shepherd's Call E-News

Friday, May 14
This week's e-news is here.

A Word from Rev. Susan


Rev. Susan sent a letter to the parish in which she outlined her plans for May. She will be flying to Florida to help get her house ready to sell and then drive back to California with her husband and son.

Read the entire letter here.

Home Communion


The bishop has allowed our Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) to start up their ministry again, with restrictions. Masks and distancing are required. There will be bread but no wine. 


Visits will be done outdoors unless everyone in the building has full immunity from vaccines, which means they are two weeks past their second vaccination of Pfizer or Moderna. Double masks are required for inside.

If you would like one of our licensed LEVs to bring you communion in your home, please call John Bacher to arrange a visit.


Ongoing Events

Re-imagining Mission

How might God might be calling us to embody the Good News in our community? Led by seminarian Brian Petersen. All are welcome.

Mondays 11:00 a.m. to noon

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by phone: 669-900-9128
Meeting ID: 897 3834 0256

Lection Divina

Join Rev. Susan for Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer.

Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. via Zoom

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by phone: 669-900-6833 (San Jose, CA)
Meeting ID: 884 1776 6173


May Drop-off Event

May 19

The date for our next Community Pantry and Valley Restart drop-off event is May 19 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.

In May we will also be collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Joyce Brightman will have Stater Bros. gift cards for purchase. Bring your check made out to Good Shepherd.

This is a drive-through collection in the church parking lot: stay in your car, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and pop your trunk when you get to the front of the line.


For Valley Restart please bring individual toiletry items. The Community Pantry needs the following items:

  • grocery bags

  • baggies

  • tuna or chicken - cans

  • macaroni & cheese

  • peanut butter

  • top ramen/cup of noodles

  • cereal

  • canned vegetables

  • pork & beans

  • refried beans

  • canned fruit

  • instant oatmeal   (individual packs)

  • dry pasta noodles

  • spaghetti sauce

  • pancake mix & syrup

Presiding Bishop Remarks

Our senior warden Butch Glosson is also a member of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. The council met in a virtual session on April 16. Butch suggested that Presiding Bishop Curry's opening remarks were relevant to us at Good Shepherd, especially those of us involved in Brian Petersen's Re-imagining Mission group.

Bishop Curry began by quoting hymn # 609, which says, "We hear your voice, O Son of Man."  He goes on to say:

That voice. The Son of Man, that voice of Jesus is nothing less than a summons to live God’s way of love. Where cross the crowded ways of life. When it is most difficult. When it is most complex. In the midst of a horrible pandemic. In the midst of a painful racial reckoning, in the midst of societies deeply divided. In the midst of fascisms threatening humanity and justice and human decency. In the midst of the rise of hatreds and the unleashing of violence with a reckless abandon.

You can read his entire message here.



At the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet, California, we strive to be instruments of God’s peace.  We are a fellowship of people from various walks and ways, learning from each other as we all learn from Jesus. Our worship is both traditional (keeping us grounded) and genuine (keeping us current). 

Who Are Episcopalians?


We are followers of Jesus Christ.  Apart from that, there are many differences between us. This is by design!  The Bible says that humankind was made in God’s image.  It doesn’t say that each human is the image of God; it refers to all humankind, together.  

Our Mission


The mission of the church of the Good Shepherd is to be a Eucharistic community which tends and feeds the sheep of Jesus Christ, loving one another as God loves us and reaching out in the name and love of Christ to those in need in our valley, the nation, and the world.