Valley Restart Christmas Gifts

The Good Shepherd ECW is sponsoring a toy collection for the children at Valley Restart again this year. There are eight families with a total of seventeen children.  Collections will occur on December 15 during our Food Pantry collection from 9:000 to 10:00 a.m. Or you can bring them to church on a Sunday morning at the 9:30 service.

Gifts should be wrapped or in gift bags and tagged with gender & age of child. Please identify the family by number, #1-8.

Please tell Linda Brown which families you are buying gifts for to better coordinate this project. Do not feel restricted to the specific items listed. Any age-appropriate gifts are welcome.

1. Boy, age 2: Hot Wheels, coloring book & crayons, baby doll, toy dog or cat. Size 3T;  Shoes 6T


2. Boy, 6 months: Clothes up to 2T, baby toys, new stroller, crib, bathtub,  Dr. Brown’s bottles.

    Girl, age 7:  Really fancy dresses (? Size), costume jewelry, family games, art set, science kits (STEM)

    Girl, age 9: Accessories from, science kits(STEM), art kits, family/board games


3. Boy, age 12: size 18 pants, large shirts, 8 ½ shoes (likes Nike clothes), Karaoke microphone, mongoose bike, phone case for Galaxy A11, board games


4. Boy, age 13: Medium (10-12) clothes,  gift card


5. Girl, 3 months: clothes 6+months, baby toys (learning toys with lights & sounds), Singing Monkey(Apples & Bananas at Walmart), gift cards for Target or Walmart

    Boy, age 16:  pants-30” waist, 36-38”length, shoes-13 ½ men’s, basketball shorts, Anything for X-box1 , advanced Legos (complicated, like skyscraper), gift cards


6. Girl, age 11:  Clothes, size 6 women’s, Medium adult, shoe-size 8, Legos, books (graphic novels), weighted stuff animal

    Girl, age 14:  Clothes, size 8 women’s, Medium women’s, shoe-size 9. Yarn, crochet hooks, Serape (tiger blanket)

    Girl, age 16: Clothes, size 16 women’s, XL; shoe-size 10, Acrylic painting supplies, weighted stuff animals mini backpack, sketch book

    Girl, age 17: Shoes- 7 ½ women’s,  cool tube socks, yarn (bamboo or natural fibers, neutral colors) knitting needles, Hydro flask,
    Polaroid camera


7. Girl, 7 months:  gift card, baby accessories (bows, headbands), soft baby books, 3-6 month clothes??

    Twin boys, age 3:  Clothes- size 4T, art items (coloring books, crayons, finger paints), blocks, Kinetic sand set, Learning toys,
    Large push toys.


8. Boy, age 6:  Clothes, size 14, shoes- size 4, Razor scooter, bike, skate board with helmet & knee & elbow pads

    Boy, age 14:  Pants size 38, shirts 2X, shoes- size 12, soccer ball, skate board stickers, skate board bearings, sketch book, key chain