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2022 Christmas Poinsettias

Thanks to everyone who brightened up our parish hall with their donations of poinsettias. This year's donors are:

Ruben & Empy Alagona    O God, have mercy on all of us and help us.                                                                                                                       

Jean Baldwin                       Merry Christmas

Virginia Brien                      In memory of my son Russell Van Arsdale, Roy, Nora, Helen and Tom Myers.

Joyce Brightman                Thankful for the many blessings in my life.

Linda & Larry Brown         Thankful for the joys in our life and remembering those we love.

Carolyn Castner                 In loving memory of loved ones who remain forever in my heart.

Susan Gaites                      God bless my children and grandchildren.

Butch & Cora Glosson      To God be the glory.

Bud & Judi Greer               In memory of our wonderful family.      

Alice McDonald                 In loving memory of my husband, Gary.

George & Judy Metzler     In loving memory of my mother, Margaret Blumer.

Ed and Debbie Moore      In thanksgiving for the life of Erica Danielle Moore.

Linda Newstead                In loving memory of my mother, Patricia E. Newstead.

Joan Reed                           For all our blessings.

Linda Rush                         Blessing for our family and friends.

Lori Van Arsdale                So very grateful for my mom, Virginia.

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