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A Letter from the Executive Committee

Dear People of Good Shepherd,

As you know, our church buildings were severely damaged in February: so much so, that we are still unable to use the offices or the nave. We are very glad to be able to continue to use All Hallows, and in the past few weeks we have begun to worship in our parish hall. We are still awaiting word from Church Insurance on the extent of the damage to the nave and offices.

In the meantime, it looks like we will be worshiping in the parish hall for quite some time, perhaps even a number of years, before we could even possibly plan to worship in the nave. Given that reality, we need to get water to the parish hall and the outside bathrooms so that we can use the parish hall kitchen and have adequate restroom facilities for our worship and fellowship.

We have been in consultation with our bishop and diocesan staff and after some consideration our vestry voted unanimously to ask the bishop to move Good Shepherd into what is called “Action Plan Parish Status.” This status allows the diocese to give us property grants that can be used for the new water line and other things we may need in order to fulfill our mission as a parish. We will be working closely with our soon-to-be-formed Action Plan Parish Team, which will consist of a representative from the property committee of the diocese, a representative of the finance committee of the diocese, and our own Ed Moore, our senior warden. On Sunday July 3 we will have time for any questions you might have at our in-person and Zoom services, and you may call the rector or the senior warden with questions if you can’t be at worship that day.

In recognition of the many losses we have suffered as a parish, including the loss of some key leaders and members by death or moving away, and the loss of the use of our church building, we invite you to join the strategic planning group for its retreat on Zoom: Thursday morning, July 7th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The first part of this retreat will be a service of lament for all the losses we have suffered in the past eighteen months. The second part will be looking to God for hope for our future.

The Zoom link is below. All are welcome.

Yours in Christ,
The Executive Committee of Good Shepherd

Ed Moore, Sr. Warden
Larry Denn, Jr. Warden
Joyce Brightman, Treasurer

The Rev. Susan J. Latimer, Rector

Strategic Planning Team Retreat: Lament and Hope 
open to the parish
Thursday July 7, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.
Click here to join the service
By phone: 669-900-6833 (San Jose, CA)
Meeting ID: 820 9227 1053
Passcode: good (4663)

Liturgy for the retreat (PDF format)

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